Thank You!

My sincere appreciation goes out to everyone who visited my blog during and after the 10 weeks I was writing for. Just in case you were curious, I earned 73/75 for my final portfolio and this would not have been possible without your views which built my confidence as an emerging writer and your comments that made my review process easier.

How can I forget to add that my class was invited to a poetry reading at the Moonstone Art Center’s closing on November 6th, 2012? My awesome writing professor, Professor Lynn Levin – a published poet with 4 collections of poems and 1 non fiction book – made this possible. It was nerve-racking but I braved it and serenaded the audience with my poems at the Moonstone Arts Center bookstore closing. That wasn’t the end.

At a dinner hosted by my school’s West Indian Student Establishment (WISE), I got another chance to present a selection of my poems. With trembling hands, a pounding heart and a tongue wagging at an unknown speed, I finally got my chance at spoken word.

I don’t know if I’ll keep writing poems but I’m so happy I accomplished this feat because I never thought I could successfully put a poem together.

Thank you for being a part of my poetry journey. 🙂


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Great Philadelphia


in hand with pride.

Costs less than five dollars,

but truly worth the hunger pangs.


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A Very Rare Moment

Tonight, one of my high school friends posted this as his status on Facebook:

‎”A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd. ”
— James Crook”

I started typing a comment, mainly to accuse him for not replying my text the previous weekend. But I did that and a bit more. This was a very rare moment for me because I am neither the “preacher” nor the debater on Facebook. As much as I feel like baby Einstein now, for constructing that comment (which if I may add, got him to reply me about 2 minutes later), I am still in awe of how I went in randomly…for no reason. See my post below:

“LOL! Wise one but is that your excuse for not replying my text last weekend? 
What if that man loses his audience in the process of “leading the orchestra?” And what is an awesome orchestra without the crowd? Somehow, he has to find a way to lead the orchestra and engage the crowd at the same time. If he ignores the presence of the crowd, he’ll be shocked to see an empty hall when he turns around expecting an ovation.
Organize your priorities & focus on them, but most of all, aim to strike a balance in everything that you do (easier said than done but still…)”.

I’m sure I could have gone on and on if I wanted to, but at that point, I had to “push pause”. Right now, I’m praying that nobody comments with opposing views because I’m not in the mood for a debate. Not tonight, not this week, not till my finals are over. For now, it’s about the books and I’m in the mood to get my molecular bio. lab. report out of the way.

On another note, my poetry class is almost over. I hope I don’t stop writing poems because it was an avenue for me to see the world and paint the images with words. I can assure you that this will not turn into an online whining blog or diary.

But I made an exception for this post.

Sweet Dreams 🙂



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The Unanswerable Letter

To the woman who constantly feels less than a woman.
To the woman who goes out everyday, afraid to embrace who she is.
To the woman who has a distorted perception of beauty.
This is straight from my pericardium to you.

A real woman
is not model figured or skinny or a size zero.
A real woman
is not curvy or thick or plus-sized.

A real woman is a woman
who can stare at her twin in the mirror,
let out a crease from beneath her eyes
and turn her lips upwards till both folding skins meet.

A real woman is a woman
who does not flip the pages of magazines
seeking for an alternate reality
with a longing for a definition of what she “should” look like
because despite the hours spent on airbrushing those models,
Photoshop still does the ultimate. Why bother?

A real woman is a woman
in any shape, size, skin color or hair color
who focuses on building her inner self
while embracing her many flaws,
knowing that those unique imperfections truly define her beauty.

You are beautiful!
If you don’t see it and admit it, then no one else will.


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Sister, Sister

I never got to see your tiny frame
All wrapped in a cozy little blanket,
Your tiny eyes peeking out like a dame
who longs for perfection at her banquet.
I try to picture how much resemblance
you would have assumed. Dark, pretty, glassy
eyes with thick eyebrows that command a dance.
Just like your sister, you’d have been classy.
Although I cannot answer all of this,
I know one thing for sure. My sets of clothes
and shoes and bags would have been all yours, sis.
But where are you? You’ll hear that my tears froze.
The store attendants would have known our names
One day, I pray to see your precious frame.


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Eighty at Heart

I wish I was born in the eighties.
Yes, you heard me right.
I didn’t sip on anything tonight

It’s 3:30am
and although all my friends have given up on this show,
I just watched the most recent episode of Gossip Girl
Its ending forced me to a place
where I rummaged through my brain lobes
as I sought an answer to this question:

What is wrong with our generation?
The generation that walks and texts impulsively
yet strategically assumes dumbness when surrounded by people.
The generation where objects made by man are not only revered
but treated with more delicacy than man himself.
The generation where friendships and relationships

appear                               and disappear

like sunrise and sunset.

These issues must have gained a couple miles on us
because the flames of humanity are flickering
And the world, our bride is losing her glow.
I’ll sleep like a baby tonight because unlike this generation,
my brain faithfully provided me with answers
instead of the more common excuse: “There’s no app for that”.

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