The places we never went

30 Oct

You held my hand

It slipped away

You tried again

I hissed
and reluctantly held on.

You took me up a hill
of interminable emotions,
then into a gorge,
jarring them as we journeyed.

Holding hands
was a gesture I always questioned
but gradually, I let myself unfold
like the leaves of a new plant
eager for the first rain drops
but weary of the next plant’s thorns.

As the hours turned into days,
I let my emotions flow
like a river with no bank
drifting across the waters where we sat
clinking our glasses to our newly found cruise.

Our story, although untold
Remains embedded in my skull.

You should have traded the silent exit
with the melody of an AK-47
Don’t you think?

It would have been more effective than the prick of a mere thorn.

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Posted by on October 30, 2012 in Free Verse, Relationships


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